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Home-Grown Organic Fruit and Vegetables


During your stay with us we would like to provide you with as much fresh fruit and vegetables as we can. We are in the process of bringing our small farm back into a productive state after many years of neglect. We are lucky in some ways as we have inherited many mature orange, fig and olive trees. Also, as the land has not been worked for such a long time it has not been dosed with chemicals either.


So, how are we going about providing you with these things? Well, we are using completely organic methods to farm our land. It is taking some time to re-build our soil but with the aid of Carlos’s horses and loads of home-made compost we are getting there. We are trying to adopt permaculture principles in our designs in order to create a self sustaining garden. Or that’s the plan at least. A lot of effort has been made to try to reduce the need for irrigation. The north of Portugal has a very high annual rainfall. Luckily most of it comes in the winter months. We are trying to capture this rainfall in the soil so it can nourish our gardens in the hotter, dryer summer months.


Everything we are doing at Quinta do Figo Verde is aimed at long term sustainability. We think carefully about everything we do, and we look forward to showing you around during your stay and sharing our thoughts and dreams.